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Braindump - week 02/02/2015

The Weekly Programming Braindump

  • Sebastian Rashka has written an interesting post on parallel programming with Python

  • When you are designing a Python method (aka function) that involves file IO, is it “better” (in whatever way a programmer may choose to define better) to pass the file as a filename (string) to the method and let the method take care of opening the file or is better to pass it as a file object and do the whole opening conundrum in the client calling the method/function

  • I started learning about tuple spaces and tuple space programming

  • I learned something about blocking and non-blocking IO in Java, but I can’t say I could explain it to someone else. Must do more research.

  • I started using PyCharm and downloaded Spyder. The weekend should be called “Fun with IDEs”

  • I am planning to write a Spyder plugin for bioinformaticians. That is, as soon as I learn how to use Spyder

  • I started learning about limit order books in finance and started writing my own limit order book simulation based on the orderbook package in R

  • I just completed the data harvesting phase for my London Tube Simulation and I could not be more excited about it!

  • I was inspired by KDB+ and Q (I can’t say I have any experience of either really, I just happened to browse the Wikis for fun) to mangle together a pseudo-useful data structure for my next project.

  • I learned about ctags in Vim (but not, like, how you actually make them useful for your project)

  • I learned something about transcompilers and to be honest, they scare me a bit (Compilers scare me too, but in a good way!)

  • I started reading Ilmari Karonen’s introduction to Redcode again and this time it started making more sense.

  • I have been thinking about the Global Interpreter Lock in Python and how one may try to circumnavigate it and what would the consequences of that be (!!!!)

  • TDD has been starting to stick on me. Esp. after I started using Pycharm. It’s just so addicting to see that green “play” button, click on it and get the satisfying “Tests passed”. Ahhh.

  • I found a paper about computing confidence intervals of the AUC. Previously, Python completely zonked on me, when I tried to implement one of the formulas from the paper, but I think I may give it another try this weekend (armed with numpy and scipy).

  • I finally learned the difference between .bashrc and .bash_profile (yeah, I’m slow…but hey, better late than never!)