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this week ( week 2)

It’s the second week of the new year ( 2017, can you believe it? I know I’ll still be writing 2016 on various paperwork for a while until muscle memory adjusts to 2017 ) and it’s the time when my new year’s resolutions are starting to crumble down. But fear not - one learns from failure more than from (almost) anything else!

Software engineering

I’m doing a deep dive into Python’s super. I realised last year that peppering the codebase with mixins and then calling super ‘like I super-certainly know what it does’ was not a good idea. First, in large codebases and huge distributed teams, people tend to copy a working example without actually making sure the original author had a clue. Second, I would really like to get to grips with the background of the MRO algorithm (and maybe check out other competing implementations).

In other news, I finally have jekyll build working on my laptop, so I can check out the blog before pushing it online!


This was not a great week for running, since I mostly gave in to the various excuses a tired post-work me came up with, but on Saturday I finally ventured out to explore Regent’s Canal. Although the tow path is slightly harder than the trail-like tow path of the Grand Union Canal, it was still a pleasant run and a lot less muddy than my last weekend’s excursion to Wimbledon Common. The weather was stellar as well and I saw a few people with a house boat using the canal locks!

Goals for next week

  1. Continue to reclaim my attention. Disconnect from pointless time-wasting social media sites and focus on focusing.
  2. Sleep enough
  3. Write a simple talk on socket programming in Python
  4. Read through Raymond Hettinger’s blog posts on super