thoughtwisps One commit at a time


Trying not to fall into a rabbit hole is harder than it should be.

Neurons, cut off from the constant stream of novel fast-food information, are struggling to adjust to a life outside of the internet noosphere.

But the brain is a pliable creature. Slowly, it rewires itself to assign neurons performing information grazing to other tasks, one new connection at a time. It does not feel pleasant and the desire to connect back to the buzz of thousands of internet voices is always present.

The info-FOMO (the fear that the biggest and most important thing will happen on the interwebs while you’re away) is always there, but I can learn to live with it until it fades. Also, I won’t be able to lookup Game of Thrones spoilers, so someone will have to tell me what ultimately happens between Daenerys and Jon Snow.

I have not pulled a complete Aziz Ansari ( the GQ Fall 2017 interview with the comedian reports that he has completed disconnected and removed his browsers from his laptop and phone) yet, but I’ve updated /etc/hosts to have even more entries and am considering permanently switching to lynx. It’s a text based browser and thus hopefully will encourage swift and focused information lookups instead of mindless surfing.