thoughtwisps One commit at a time


I started this blog back in 2014 as a way to easily publish notes for a PyLadies London tutorial. It then morphed into a (not so great) technical notebook and a log for things I learned at conferences. Three years hence, the topics are drifting from tutorials and experience reports, to various concoctions of tech culture, software engineer career development reports, personal things, fiction, literature, numerous quitpieces about social media and so forth.

Life changes, drifts, and things that did not seem important in 2014 have now resurfaced and occupy my writing. I plan to keep writing about these things (not always technology) here at thoughtwisps. There will be some changes to the site to make the reading experience better. To make it easier to navigate this blog, I’ve made a very simple ‘Archives’ page which can be accessed from the sidebar.

I’m also starting a separate series of writing to focus purely on technology. I’ll be posting a link to the new site here in a few days.

To everyone, the regular readers, the passers-by, the link surfers who stopped by for a few lines and then were on to the next hyperlink journey, thank you for sharing these words with me.