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hello friends and readers, first of all, thank you for being here and thank you for reading my blogo-essays. The bitverse has no shortage of material that is competing for your eyeballs, so I am grateful for the time you’ve let my words inhabit your imagination -even if just for the timespan of 280 characters.

Lately, as the days have been growing shorter and the pumpkin-spice latte hype stronger, I’ve given some serious consideration to the tasks that matter, the things I should be dedicating my time and attention too.

Of course, in doing such exercises, one must practice a certain amount of self-delusion (yes, I have been reading a lot of interviews with Jia Tolentino lately) to convince oneself that this writing is important enough to be written and to be read.

So, having taken my daily serum of self-delusion (which comes packaged in a cute dropper bottle and is probably available as a CBD infused version, because honestly, what things aren’t these days), I’m writing this to say, that maybe now, that I have gone through the tech pipeline and been disillusioned, I should go back to the drawing board and remember what was important to me before I became obsessed with outrunning this late-capitalist treadmill (you can’t outrun it, you’ll only get burnt out and drop off).

One of the things that I used to delight in was allowing the present reality to dissolve in worlds conjured by words. I’m hoping to spend more time working with word-worlds and sharing this with you. Thus, and here comes the whole point of this post, if you would like to subscribe to the thoughtwisps newsletter, which will feature writing about tech, AI ethics, machine learning, beautytech, literature etc, please follow this TinyLetter link.

Thank you! <3