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the most beautiful lights

From the London Notebooks. Written in 2018.

Light is like a silence. It can tell a story, paint a picture.

Sometimes in the morning, the light is so pure, drifting over the Thames and frolicking across the glass faces of the buildings. Everything becomes emphasized, the blue sky and the river and the red bus taking people to work. The red double decker bus.

In the evening sun the clouds in the far west become like a painting. The evening light is always warm and golden, a calm at the end of the day, a lover’s pleasant kiss, a touch on the cheek.

It’s hard to believe all of this is just electricity and magnetism and abstractions built on top of other abstractions. Vibrating strings, atoms, molecules, membranes, nerve cells, humans, families, societies, countries. Movements, revolutions and power. Love, sex and death.